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State of Alaska

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State of Alaska

Epperly vs. Barack Hussein Obama II


Notice Corruption abounds in the State of Alaska.  The Director of the Alaska Division of Elections received "Secret Orders" from an unknown source to "Ignore" the below "Administrative Complaint."  No action was taken on the Complaint by the Director of Elections.


Adobe PDF  Complaint (Original) filed with Alaska Director of Election 

Adobe PDF  Complaint (Amended) filed with Alaska Director of Election  New

Adobe PDF  Complaint (Amended) - Appendix  New

Adobe PDF  Complaint (Amended) - Letter of Introduction  New

An "Complaint (Amended)" challenging the qualifications of Barack Obama Jr. to appear of the Alaska Election Ballots was "pre-filed" with the Director of Alaska Division of Elections on May 7, 2012.  Mr. Gordon Epperly moves the Director to remove Barack Obama Jr. and/or his "Electors" from the Election Ballots of the State of Alaska as a Candidate for the Office of President of the United State until such time Barack Obama Jr. provides the Director with "verified" Documents showing that he is qualified to be a Candidate for the Office of President of the United States of America.

Complaint Exhibit  "A"   New

Complaint Exhibit  "B"   New

Complaint Exhibit  "C"   New

[Update Feb 27, 2012:  A "Subpoena" to issue forth for the Production of Documents]
(Adobe PDF  Motion for Production of Documents)
[Update Mar 01, 2012:  Director of Alaska Division of Elections Dismisses Complaint]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter Dismissing Complaint)
[Update Mar 04, 2012:  Letter to Juneau Empire Reporter - Patrick Forgey]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter to Reporter, Patrick Forgey)
[Update Mar 09, 2012:  Notice of Exception and Objection to Director of Alaska Division of Elections]
  (Adobe PDF  Notice of Exception and Objection
[Update Mar 14, 2012:  Director of Alaska Division of Elections issues final Determination -
                                                             Complaint Dismissed]
  (Adobe PDF  Final Determination - Complaint Dismissed)
[Update May 07, 2012:  Amended Complaint Filed - Letter of Introduction]   New
  (Adobe PDF  Letter of Introduction)
[Update May 29, 2012:  Letter to U.S. Representative, Nancy Pelosi requesting "Documents of Eligibility"]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter - U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi)
[Update June 25, 2012:  Alaska  Superior Court - "Petition for an Order in Nature of Mandamus" - filed]   New
(Adobe PDF Petition for an Order in Nature of Mandamus)
(Adobe PDF Motion to Expedite Proceedings)
(Adobe PDF Discovery for Production of Documents and Admissions)

  Note: The below named Judges and Nancy Pelosi have refused to give answer to the Discovery Request.  Their refusal is a statement that they have no Documents to back up their "Claims" that Barack Obama was born on the soil of the United States and Barack Obama had the qualifications of Office for President of the United States.
Judge Elaine B. Brown  (Indiana Court of Appeals)  **
** Note: Indiana Office of Attorney General gives "Notice" that no Answer nor Documents will be forth coming.
           Judge Jeff S. Masin  (Trenton, New Jersey)
           Judge Michael Malihi  (Atlanta, Georgia)
           Judge Terry Lewis  (Tallahassee, Florida)
           U.S. Representative, Nancy Pelosi  **
** Note: Attorney for Nancy Pelosi moves Court to "Quash" Discovery request.
(Adobe PDF Motion to Dismiss (Alaska Department of Law)  [07-20-12])
(Adobe PDF Respondent's "Objection and Answer" to "Motion to Dismiss"  [07-26-12])
(Adobe PDF Rep. Nancy Pelosi's "Motion to 'Quash'" Discovery Request  [07-23-12])
(Adobe PDF  Petitioner's "Answer" to Nancy Pelosi's "Motion to 'Quash'"
        Discovery Request
[Update July 27, 2012: United States District Court "Orders" removal of Petitioner's Proceeding
                                                        from Alaska State Superior Court to United States District Court]      New
(Adobe PDF  Court "Order" to moved Procedure from State Court to  Federal Court  [07-27-12])
(Adobe PDF Petitioner's "Objection" and "Jurisdictional Challenge" to Court Order  [08-01-12])
(Adobe PDF  Petitioner's "Objection to Dismissal of Proceeding"  [08-03-12])
(Adobe PDF  Asst. U.S. Attorney's Response to Jurisdictional Challenge  [08-03-12])
(Adobe PDF  Petitioner's "Notice of receipt of 'Motions' and other Papers"  [08-04-12])
(Adobe PDF  Petitioner's Challenge of Constitutional Authority of a Women representing   New
        the Office of United States Attorney
  [08-08-12])  **
  ** Note: The case of Minor v. Happersett cited in Petitioner's Challenge has been "scrubbed" from several U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Internet website:   www.justia.com .
(Adobe PDF Federal Court Order - "Initial Order To Self-Represented Party [08-09-12])
(Adobe PDF Petitioner's "Rebuttal" to U.S. Attorney's Response
              to Jurisdictional Challenge
(Adobe PDF  Petitioner's "Objection to Court Order"  [08-16-12])
(Adobe PDF Petitioner's "Notice of Intent to file a Judicial Misconduct Complaint"  [08-24-12])  New
(Adobe PDF Petitioner's "Letter of Clarification"  [08-27-12])  New
(Adobe PDF Federal Court Order (Dismissal of "Matter" With Prejudice)  [08-27-12]  New

[Update July 23, 2012:  United States Constitution {A Transcript}]
  (Adobe PDF   Transcript of Original "Hand-Written" U.S. Constitution)
[Update July 24, 2012:  Office of Federal Register on Presidential Office Qualifications]
  (Adobe PDF   States to verify Presidential Qualifications)
[Update August 27, 2012:  The "Chair" of the Democrat National Committee placed on "Notice"]
  (Adobe PDF   Letter to "Chair" Debbie Wasserman Shultz
[Updated August 31, 2012:  The Clerk of Court, Alaska Superior Court, refuses to file Document - Case Closed]
  (Adobe PDF   Petition to re-instate "Petition for insuance of Court Order" into Alaska Superior Court  **
                              **  Note: No further action will be taken by Gordon Warren Epperly)
[Updated September 7, 2012:  Democrat National Convention files its "Official Certificate of Nomination" with
                                                        the Alaska Division of Elections.]
  (Adobe PDF  Democrat "Official Certificate of Nomination" declaring Barack Obama as Candidate New
[Updated September 12, 2012:  Email message to "Esquires" of the BAR and Members of NASED]
  (Adobe PDF  Signatories to Democrat's "Official Certificate of Nomination" commits Crimes)
[Updated September 12, 2012:  KTOO Radio News Article devulges a "Court Order of Dismissal" that was never
                                                          received by the Petitioner]
  (Adobe PDF  KTOO Radio Article with "Court Order"
[Updated September 14, 2012:  Letter to Judge Timothy M. Burgess objecting to "Court Order" to dismiss
                                                          a non-existant "Case" or "Controversy"]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter to U.S. Disctrict Court Judge Timothy M. Burgess New
[Updated September 24, 2012:  Letter of "Comity" filed with Director of Alaska Division of Elections]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter of "Comity" [Florida Appellate Court Case] New
[Updated October 10, 2012:  Letter requesting production of "Documents of Eligibility" from
                                                     Alaska Division of Elections]
  (Adobe PDF  Letter to Lieutenant Governor, Mead Treadwell, of the State of Alaska New
Notice:  No Documents were forthcoming.





Revised: December 12, 2012

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