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V I D E O S   and   Documents
Barack Obama Jr. - The Usurper


A "Criminal Complaint"  has been submitted to the U.S. Secrete Service wherein the validity of several "Documents" that were used to move Barack Obama Jr. into the Office of the President of the United States of America have been brought into question.  This "Criminal Complaint" (with supporting "Documents") was received by Director, Mark Sullivan, of the U.S. Secrete Service in Washington, D.C. on August 8, 2011.   These "Documents" and "Videos" have not been arranged in any order as they may apply to both the Democratic National Convention's "Official Certification of Nomination," or the long form "Live Birth Certificate" of Barack Obama Jr.. 


 These "Documents" and "Videos" may be viewed by "mouse clicking" the below computer links.

Gordon Warren Epperly

Criminal Complaint

Adobe PDF   Criminal Complaint   

This is the Criminal Complaint that was submitted to the U.S. Secrete Service.  It is alleged that the Democrat National Convention issued forth two "Official Certification of Nomination" which both copies appear to be fraudulent Documents and the Long Form "Live Birth Certificate" of Barack Obama Jr. which also appears to be a fraudulent Document.

Adobe PDF   Verification of Documents 

This is an "Addendum" to the Criminal Complaint.  This "Addendum" calls attention to the U.S. Secret Service that the Long Form "Live Birth Certificate" of Barack Obama Jr. has never been "verified" for its truthfulness and/or correctness.


Adobe PDF   CIA Officer Clearing The Smoke On Barack Obama Jr.'s Birth Certificate 

In December '08, a retired CIA Officer commissioned an investigator to look into the Barack Obama Jr.'s Birth Certificate and eligibility issue.

Adobe PDF   Barack Obama Jr.'s Citizenship Facts 

Obama's father was never a U.S. citizen nor was his father an immigrant to the USA nor was his father even a permanent resident of the USA. Obama's father was merely sojourning as a transient in the USA as a student for a few years and returned to Kenya.  Thus, Obama is not and never can be an Article II "natural born" citizen of the USA.

Adobe PDF   Citizenship 

Most people don't understand that the United States Constitution addresses more than one type of citizenship.  Not all statuses of citizenship possess the same Powers, Privileges, or Rights.  For instance, the citizens of the 14th Amendment have no Political Rights to hold Public Offices of the United States government.  Being born on the soil of the United States is not an automatic grant of citizenship.  Negroes and woman never had the status of being Citizens of the United States at the time the U.S. Constitution was written.  For the child of Negro to be a citizen of the United States, the child must be subject to the jurisdiction of the United States at the time of his/her birth.  Barack Obama Jr. is a "Mullato" who may have been born in the State of Hawai'i and yet he IS NOT a citizen of the United States nor is he a "natural  born" Citizen of the United  States for he was not born under the jurisdiction of the United States  As Barack Obama Jr.'s father was a Citizen of Great Britain, Barack Obama Jr. was born under the jurisdiction of Great Britain as a matter of law (The laws of Great Britain).

See video "What is a natural born Citizen"  (outside page link)

Adobe PDF   Letter (Arizona Presidential Election Form) 

This is a photocopy of what appears to be a "Presidential Election Form" that Barack Obama Jr. submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State.  Barack Obama Jr. declares under "Oath" before a Notary Public that he is a "natural born Citizen" of the United States.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Alaska Director of Elections 

Director, Gail Fenumiai, is asked to identify the true and correct copy of the Democrat National Convention's "Official Certification of Nomination" that is on file with the Alaska Davison of Elections.  If the identification cannot be had, the Alaska Attorney General is to be asked to make an inquiry into the Democrat National Committee for a true and correct copy of the original Document and give an explanation for the two (2) "Official Certification of Nomination" that circulated to Election Offices of the States.  THIS  REQUEST  HAS  FALLEN  ON  DEAF  EARS.

Adobe PDF   No Country of Kenya in the year of 1961 

Barack Obama Jr.'s long form "Live Birth Certificate" has other errors.  The Birth Certificate states that Barack Obama Jr.'s father was a resident of Kenya in the year of 1961, but there was no Country of Kenya in 1961.  The Birth Certificate also states that Barack Obama Jr. was born in a Hawaiian Hospital that did not exist in  1961.  Again we have abnormalities that are without answers.


(Videos that have been submitted as "Exhibits" to the Criminal Complaint)

This is a short listing of videos that may be found on the Internet website: ''  As these are outside links to ',' they may become invalid at any time.

FLV Video   How To Prove Barack Obama Jr. Is Not From America    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Arrest Usurper Barack Obama Jr. Now!     (outside page link)

FLV Video   What Is A Natural Born Citizen    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Update! - Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Forged - Absolute Proof     (outside page link)

FLV Video   OCR Theory Debunked For Obama's Birth Certificate     (outside page link)

FLV Video   Philip J.  Berg, Esq.. exposes Barack Obama Jr. as an usurper of Office
                         of President of the United States.    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Is Barack Obama Jr. An Illegal President    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Kenyan Ambassador Admits Obama Jr. Born In Kenya    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Michele Obama Admits Barack Obama Jr. Is From Kenya    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Public Official Declares That Barack Obama Jr. Not Born In Hawaii    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Expert Opinion On Barack Obama's Birth Certificate    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Idiot's Guide To The White House Birth Certificate Forgery    (outside page link)

FLV Video   Obama Birth Certificate Deconstruction     (outside page link)

FLV Video   Local Register Of 1980 Made Dashing Time Travel To 1961   (outside page link)

FLV Video  Obama's Birth Certificate Failed In Adobe Illustrator   (outside page links)
Part I Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

FLV Video   Proof Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Fraud    (outside page link)



State of Alaska

Epperly vs. Barack Hussein Obama II

PDFState of Alaska - Epperly v. Obama

"Index Page" to an "Administrative Complaint" with supporting Documents.

An Administrative Complaint was filed with the Director of Elections for the Alaska Division of Elections.  The Complaint showed that there was reasonable doubt that Barack Hussein Obama II had the Office qualifications to be the President of the United States.  This Complaint is supported with Exhibits and Affidavits.  The Director of Elections received "Secret Orders" to "Ignore" the Complaint and not make any Rulings.

State of Georgia

Steve Ankeny v. Governor

PDF  State of Georgia - Steve Ankeny v. Governor

"Index Page" to a "Complaint" with supporting Documents and Video.

A Complaint was filed the Georgia Administrative Law Court that questioned the validity of a "Birth Certificate" of Barack Hussein Obama II.   The case was "dismissed" for failure to state a claim for which relief could be granted for there are no Laws nor any provision in the United States Constitution that requires the production of "Birth Certificate" as a condition of Presidential qualifications.

Electoral College

PDF  Electoral College  New

"Index Page" to a "Complaint" with supporting Documents and Video

An "Objection and Complaint" was lodged with the Electoral College challenging the Electoral Votes for Barack Hussein Obama II.   A request is being made of the House and Senate of the U.S. Congress to make an investigation and submit a decision.


 Comment: The United States of America is a conquered and an occupied Nation.  The government of the United States is occupied and controlled by two percent of the population which are known as "Zionist"**  ("Illuminati") and they proudly proclaim their conquest by displaying their "Menorah" in front of the White House.  You will no longer see the "Holy Cross" of Jesus Christ being displayed at the White House nor at any other government buildings of the United States or of any State of the Union.

See "White House Hanukkah Party"     Manororah **  e.g. Videos
 "Jews against Zionism"
"Jews denounce Zionism"
"Anti-Zionist Jews"


Adobe PDF  U.S. District Court "Complaint" of Guthrie vs. Obama  (02-11-13)  New

This "Complaint" of Guthrie is the most articulated "Complaint" that has been written against Barack Hussein Obama II.  It is very well researched and you will find it very informative.  But as it was filed in a Court of a de-facto government, it is most likely will go the way of the other Court Cases that questioned the Office qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama II.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Governor Neil Abercrombie, State of Hawaii 

This is a letter notifying Governor Neil Abercrombie of a Criminal Complaint that is before the U.S. Secret Service and if the Governor has any information regarding to the "Live Birth Certificate" of Barack Obama Jr., he should share this information with the U.S. Secret Service.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio  (08-19-11)

From an Article that appeared on the Internet, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was in receipt of a Criminal Complaint from Citizens of the State of Arizona.  The Article also stated that Sheriff Arpaio has jurisdiction and was going to convene an investigation upon receipt of additional information.  This letter informs Sheriff Joe Arpaio of this Computer Diskette.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio  (03-03-12)

On March 1, 2012; Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for the State of Arizona held a Press Conference wherein he presented the findings of his "Cold Case Posse" into the investigation of Barack Obama's "Live Birth Certificate" and found the Birth Certificate to be a "Computer Generated Document."

Adobe PDF    Letter to Arizona Secretary of State  (05-21-12)

Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, issues a Press Release that the Health Department for the State of Hawaii has satisfied the legitimacy of a Birth Certificate and for that reason alone, Barack Obama Jr.'s name will appear on the Arizona Election Ballots.  A letter of exception has been submitted to explain the error of the decision.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Federal Election Commission 

This letter raises the question of qualifications of Office for Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama Jr..  Letter of response from the Federal Election Commission is attached to the end of the letter.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court 

Letter to Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. of the U.S. Supreme Court requesting the revocation of Presidential "Oath of Office" that was administered to Barack Obama Jr. for want of having qualifications of Office as mandated by the U.S. Constitution.

Adobe PDF   Letter to "Kepi~ olani Medical Center" 

Letter by President Barack Obama Jr. declaring that the "Kapi~ olani Medical Center" was Barack Obama's place of birth.  This is an interesting statement as Barack Obama Jr.'s long form "Live Birth Certificate" identifies "Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital" as Barack Obama's place of birth.  This Letter was downloaded from "" which no longer works as an Internet link.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Democrat National Committee 

Questions are directed to the Chair of the Democrat National Committee regarding the "vetting" of Presidential Candidates.

Adobe PDF   Letter to Republican National Committee 

Questions are directed to the Chairman of the Republican National Committee regarding the "vetting" of Presidential Candidates.

Adobe PDF   Letter to U.S. Representative, John Boehner 

This letter is a request for a Congressional Hearing into the qualifications of Barack Obama Jr. to hold the Office of President of the United States.

Adobe PDF              Have the Negroes the right to hold Public Offices?

The New York Times published an Article on March 6, 1868 telling us that the provisions of the Reconstruction Acts of 1868 made no provisions for Negroes to hold Public Offices.   This is a photocopy of that Article.

Adobe PDF   Conspiracy to overthrow of the Government of the United States . . .  

Very few people realize the seriousness of Barack Obama Jr. usurping the Office of President of the United States.  This paper will enlighten you to the damage Barack Obama Jr. has done to the U.S. Constitution and to the Country.

Adobe PDF   White House Vetting Of Individuals With Access To The President    

According to this Report, there are no Agencies or Policies in place that will assure the People of the United States of America that a Presidential Candidate has the qualifications of the Office of President of the United States.  It is absurd to believe that a Political Party will provide legitimate "vetting" of its Candidates, especially when they have questionable Agendas.

Adobe PDF   WorldNetDaily (WND) many "Birth Certificate" Articles    (outside page link)

This Internet link takes us to many Articles of WorldNetDaily that questions Barack Obama Jr.'s eligibility to hold the Office of President of the United States of America.  (Link valid as of 08-25-11).

Adobe PDF   Letter to WorldNetDaily (WND)

This letter is a request of the Staff of WorldNetDaily to use its resources to follow-up the Complaint that was filed with the U.S. Secret Service and the Letters that were mailed to the Democrat and Republican Political Parties.

  Adobe PDF     Barack Obama Jr. Ineligible For President

It does not matter or not Barack Obama Jr. was born in Hawaii or not.  Because his father was not a citizen of the U.S.A. he, Barack Obama Jr. is not a natural born Citizen and therefore is not eligible and is therefore not the President of the United States of America.

Adobe PDF   Member of Kenya Assembly declares Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya  

From the Kenya Assembly Report of March 25, 2010 the "Minister of Lands" (Mr. Orengo) declares that Barack Obama Jr. was born within the Nation of Kenya.  See page 31 of the Report.   Kenya Parliament Internet link below:  (This link no longer appears to be in use.  [11-11-12]) 

Adobe PDF    United States Constitution (Original Document) 

This is an Adobe PDF file original "United States Constitution" as provided by the United States Department of Archives.  This copy of the U.S. Constitution is provided so that you may see for yourselves how the framers of the U.S. Constitution used "upper" and "lower" case lettering.  The word "Citizen," as used to describe the qualification of Office for the President of the United States, uses the upper case letter "C," not the lower case letter "c" that you find in most government printings of the U.S. Constitution.  The words "[C]itizen" and "[c]itizen" do not have the same definition or understanding in law.  The same holds true with the words "[P]erson" and "[p]erson."

FLV Video   Barack Obama's Cloak Of Secrecy Coming Unraveled  (outside page link)

This is a video that exposes Barack Obama's criminal activity to overthrow the government of the United States by knowingly usurping the Office of President of the United States of America.

FLV Video  New New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission takes testimony on the qualifications of Barack Obama Jr. to appear on the State Ballot as a Candidate for President of the United States (outside page link)

The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission takes testimony regarding the qualifications of Barack Obama Jr. to appear on the Ballots of the State of New Hampshire.

[Update Feb 15, 2012: Letter to Secretary of State for the State of New Hampshire]

           (PDF "Letter of Complaint" demanding production of Documents used to place Barack Obama Jr.
                       on the Election Ballots of the State)

FLV Video
Conspiracy of the U.S. Congress to move Barack Obama Jr. into the Office
of President of the United States.
   (outside page link)

This video exposes the Conspiracy that took place between Members of the U.S. Congress to remove the "natural born Citizen" Clause from the Presidential qualification provision of the U.S. Constitution before Barack Obama Jr. was selected as a Presidential Candidate.   

FLV Video   Obama Launching World War III    (outside page link)

"" brings us the documentation that Barack Obama and his conspirators are planning a future World War III.   This is a very good video.

FLV Video   Irrefutable Proof  of Obama Forgery   (outside page link)

PPSimmons brings us questions regarding the Live Birth Certificate of Barack Obama Jr..  We are shown that someone tried to use a Computer to duplicate typewriter letters of a year 1961 Live Birth Certificate.

FLV Video   BREAKING PROOF! Obama Born in Kenya    (outside page link)

PPSimmons brings us documentation that Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya.  Very convincing video.

FLV Video   Obama Con - Security Number Investigator says American Leaders HIDING Info!    (outside page link)

"WorldNetDailey" brings us an interview with Susan Daniels who claims she researched the Social Security Number that has been used by Barack Obama Jr. for several years and found that number has been stolen.

FLV Video   Obama may have been a Gay Hustler!    (outside page link)

Joyce Riley of "The Power Hour" gives us a very detailed background of Barack Obama Jr..  If what she has to say does not get you upset, then you have a very thick skin or you have a 'don't care' attitude.

FLV Video   Obama was Born in Kenya and his Satanic History    (outside page link)

Here is another video declaring that Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya and shows us Barack Obama Jr.'s childhood life in Seattle, Washington with his religious training and views.

FLV Video   Official States Obama Not Born Here    (outside page link)

This is a video reviewing an Article that appeared in "WoldNetDaily" by Joe Covacs that is entitled: "Hawaii Election Official Speaks!"  There is no long form "Live Birth Certificate" for Barack Obama Jr. on file in the Hawaii Department of Health.

FLV Video   Record of Obama Changing his Name in Canada    (outside page link)

Rick Wiles of "TrueNews" is a Canada talk radio host has been exposing Barack Obama Jr. as having Communist ties.  He interviews Attorney, Stephen Pidgeon, who asserts that Barack Obama Jr. was planted into the government of the United States for the purpose of destroying the United States from within.

FLV Video   Marxism in America    (outside page link)

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin lays out the plan that is being used by Conspirators in Washington, D.C. to destroy the families, businesses, and governments of the States.

FLV Video   Myron Fagan on the "Illuminati" and the "Council on Foreign Relations"    (outside page link)

"Mayday" - May 1, 1776 - (According to Encyclopedia Britannica, 1939 edition, Vol. 12, p.100), the Order of the "Illuminati" was founded on May 1st, 1776, by Dr. Adam Weishaupt . . .

  Full Description


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