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Letter to Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court  Acrobat PDF

Letter with Declaration  Acrobat PDF

The Chief Justice, John G. Roberts Jr., was in receipt of a letter making a demand of him to do his duty of "Oath of Office" to protect the U.S. Constitution by recinding the unlawful "Oath of Office" that he administered to Barck Obama Jr. as President elect.

Declaration of Sovereignty  Acrobat PDF

Declaration of Sovereignty  MS Word

The People of Alaska Republic declares that they do not recognize the existence of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, nor any "Opinions" or "Rulings" of the Federal Courts nor any "Acts" of the U.S. Congress that are founded upon that Amendment.  The People of Alaska Republic further declares that they do not recognize Barack Obama Jr. as President of the United States for want of Constitutional qualifications of Office.

The MS Word format of "Declaration of Sovereignty" is not protected and it may be altered to meet your needs.  Please circulate the "Delcaration of Sovereignty" far and wide, to your family and friends.

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Revised: January 06, 2012

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