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{In The U.S. District Court For The District of Alaska}

 Epperly vs. Potter & Cribley

"Ad Valorem Property Tax Immunity"

Plaintiffs Defendants 
  PDF  Complaint
  - (08-01-2017)
"Hyperlinks" Enclosed Throughout Document.  PDF  Bud C. Cribley
            - (08-14-2017)
Notice of Removal
(Federal Officer Removal)
  PDF   Exhibit "A"  Letter to Assessor
"Challenge of Jurisdiction"
 PDF  Bud C. Cribley
             - (08-16-2017)
Motion To Dismiss All Claims Against Cribley With Prejudice
  PDF   Exhibit "B"  United States Homestead
Land Patent No. 1188129
 PDF  Robin Potter
              - (08-24-2017)
Motion To Dismiss All Claims Against Robin Potter With Prejudice
  PDF   Exhibit "C"  BLM Administrative Hearing
No. 1641BLA126
 PDF  Bud C. Cribley
              - (08-28-2017)
Cribley's Reply In Support Of Removal And Motion To Dismiss
  PDF   Exhibit "D"  New West Materials vs. Interior BD. of Land Appeals, No. 05CV403  PDF  Robin Potter
              - (09-07-2017)
Reply In Support Of Potter Motion To Dismiss
  PDF   Exhibit "E"  U.S. Court of Appeals
for the Fourth Circuit,
case No. 05-2362
 PDF  Robin Potter
               - (09-07-2017)
Potter Non-Opposition To Epperlys; Motion To Amend Plaintiffs Opposition To Defendant Robin Potter's Motion To Dismiss
  PDF   Exhibit "F"  U.S. Supreme Court
case No. 07-44
 PDF  Robin Potter
               - (09-29-2017)
Potter Opposition To Epperly Motion To Amend Complaint
  PDF   Exhibit "G"  Assessor, Robin Potter's and
BLM State Director, Bud C. Cribley's
"Letters of Response"
 PDF  Robin Potter
              - (10-24-2017)
Robin Potter Response To Epperly's Additional Findings
  PDF   Exhibit "H"  Gordon Warren Epperly's Letter
"Misdirected Ad Valorem Property Tax Billing"
 PDF  Robin Potter
              - (11-09-2017)
CBJ Attorney Fees [Proposed]
Important - Here is what you may expect for representing yourself before the Courts in protecting your rights against an abuse by your Government.
PDF Notice of Correction - (08-07-2017)
PDF Proof of Return [Defendant Robin Potter]
PDF Proof of Return [Defendant Bud C. Cribley]
PDF Answer to "Minute From Chambers"
- (08-14-2017)
PDF  Answer to Cribley's "Motion to Dismiss"
- (08-25-2017)
PDF Objection to Potter's "Motion to Dismiss"
- (08-30-2017)
PDF Motion to Amend Objection to Robin Potter's
"Motion to Dismis" - (09-01-2017)
PDF Objection to Cribley's
"Reply In Support Of Removal" - (09-06-2017)
PDF Motion to Amend Complaint - (09-12-2017)
PDF [Proposed]
"Amended Complaint" with Exhibits
PDF Objection To The Use
Of Legal Fiction Names - (09-14-2017)
PDF Reply Support Of Potter
"In Motion to Dismiss" - (09-14-2017)
PDF Notice of Payment
of Real Estate Property Tax - (09-18-2017)
PDF Exhibit - "Idaho Attorney General
Opinion No. 96-2
" - (04-18-1976)
PDF Homestead Land Patents versus
Homestead Patents In Fee - (09-25-2017)
PDF State of Washington
Attorney General Opinion No. 70-11"
- (06-04-1970)
PDF     Objection To Potter Opposition To Epperly Motion
          To Amend Complaint - (09-29-2017)
   with Exhibit "Memorandum of Law on the Name
PDF        U.S. Congress Declares Zoneing Ordinances of States
Do Not Apply To "United States Homestead Patented Lands"
- (10-17-2017)
PDF   Object to the Jurisdiction of the Court - (10-30-2017)
         with Exhibit "Flag Code, Etiquette and Laws"
PDF Addendum to Plaintiff's Objection to
the Jurisdiction of the Court - (11-03-2017)
PDF Clarification of Political Question - (11-07-2017)
PDF Additional Clarification to
Political Question Doctrine - (11-09-2017)
PDF Request For Court Docket Sheet - (11-13-2017)
Court Documents Miscellanous
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-14-2017) e-mail logo E-Mail Message   The Want of Delegated Authority of Defendant Bud C. Cribley
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-16-2017)  
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-17-2017)  PDF  An Open Letter -
  Shirley Rickett
Review of the Case of the Epperlys involving "United States Homestead Land Patents"
 PDF Minute Order From Chambers - (08-29-2017)  
 PDF  Order Re All Pending Motions - (11-01-2017)  
 PDF  Clerk of Court - Judgment of a Civil Case
                         - (11-01-2017)