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[Authored by Jim Townsend]

Here is how the scam works.  In the City of London, there are four Inns of Court.  These Inns are private country clubs of the rich and have been around for 1000 years, so they certainly have perfected their techniques.

Their trade is deceit.  There is a difference between 'lawful' and 'legal'.  Lawful contemplates the spirit of the law and is embodied in the moral and ethical consideration of rendering unto each man his due.  Legal is the 'form of the law' and merely means that it is written down someplace.  It is quite possible for something to be "legal" and still be totally unlawful.
These Inns of Court are a private enterprise.  The main players are made up of the Knights of the Garter and the Queen and Queen Mother themselves are members of both the Inner and Middle Temple.  You can read about their history at http://www.innertemplelibrary.org.uk and you will find the 'legal rules and regulations' for your country posted here.  Your countries legal system is owned by the same court that owns Ireland.  These Inns of Court make a living by usurping the 'laws of the land' and replacing them with the "legal system / administration / pirate 'laws' of the high seas."  These pirates should be flying the skull and crossbones, not the flag of the US.  Hey, now that I think about it, don't a few of your presidents belong to a Skulls Club?  In other words, these people pretend that they are applying laws, when they are really using their unlawful legal system to usurp the laws of the land.  Americans generally think they won the war against the British.  In actual fact, they lost it in their courts.
Look back into the middle ages at pictures of Justice.  She is a buxom blonde with the most beautiful bright blue eyes.  So now you know who tied the rag around her head and left her sitting blind folded on the steps of the court house.  Of course, these people are ever so much more intelligent than us that they flaunt their symbols in our face and laugh at our stupidity.  Would you give someone a sword and then blindfold them?  Of course not, but the people behind all this have no problem blindfolding or 'hoodwinking' our young men and sending them off to battle where their efforts will do nothing more than entrench us ever deeper into their system of deceit.
The Bar Associations of both Canada and the US and many other countries are nothing more than these 'Legal System' franchises.  Look carefully and you will see that every time your country has been sold down the river, it has been by the members of this franchise.  These franchised lawyers quite literally have 'legal licenses to steal,' and steal they do.  Now you know why your own Constitution has no bearing when you are in a 'legal court.'  Were you in a lawful court where the 'law of the land' was being upheld, you would have a fighting chance, but as it is, when we go into court we are in a game called shooting fish in a barrel.
Their is only one way you get a KBE and that is through SERVICES RENDERED to the British 'Crown.'  The 'Crown' is not the Queen by the way, but refers to the 'Crown in Chancery,' a legislative authority of Bankers and Lawyers from Chancery Lane which backs off Fleet Street.  Now ask yourself what service did Giuliani render to get his knighthood?  Even a better one; what service did George Bush render to become a Knight of the British Crown?  A Knight swears allegiance to her Majesty when he is knighted.  Doesn't it bother you guys that you have people in positions of power that have sworn allegiance to a foreign power?
Interestingly, in 1387, there was a 'peasants rebellion' in England and all the Lawyers, Judiciary and members of these Inns had their throats slit, which was quite an apt punishment for these treasonous little traitors.  You can read about this uprising in the excellent book entitled "Born in Blood."  Fact of the matter is that every member of the Bar Association is guilty of treason, for they have subverted the 'laws of the land.'
The legal systems of both our countries are fronted out of England.  The banking systems of both our countries are fronted out of Belgium.  And both of them are financially controlled lock stock and barrel by Switzerland, you know; the home of the UN, IMF, WTO, and Bank of International Settlements which controls the 'Bank of Canada' and the 'Federal Reserve' in the US.  Ever wonder why Switzerland was neutral and Heir Hitler even respected their 'neutrality' while he bombed literally every other country around him?  Of course, you don't bomb your banker now do you?
By the way, the bombing run over Afghanistan is just so they can build a pipeline to get the oil to a sea port in Pakistan.  Don't expect the oil cartels to thank you for your children's blood to clear the way for them to build it though.





Revised: August 30, 2020