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Chapter 2 of the TRUTH!

The TRUTH About Inalienable Rights!


Just WHAT is an inalienable right? We learned from the first chapter that they include:

Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech and of the press. The right to keep and bear arms. The right to travel freely within the states without restriction. The right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. The right to not be a witness against yourself. The right to a trial by jury. The right to marry. The right to own property, real and personal. The right to engage in a profession to earn a livelihood. Plus many others. These rights were reserved in the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which is aptly named The Bill of Rights.

Let's look at a few of these.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Do you have freedom of religion? What does that mean? To me it means that I have the right to worship, or not worship, any deity I want, without interference. It is the right to assemble with others of like faith and exercise our beliefs. Can you do that today? Can you form a church without permission from the government? The answer is NO! Every church that wants to be officially recognized as a church in the United States, must get permission from the government to be classified as such. If you do not get this permission, then you cannot legally be called a church and all the donations made to the church are taxable as income. The federal statutes for this are in the income tax statutes, found in 26 USC (United States Code). You MUST file for a tax exempt status in order for your church not to be tax exempt for income tax. See 26 USC 501(c)(3). And you cannot file for this status unless you are a corporation! Why the government wants your church to be a corporation is revealed in later chapters.

Your inalienable right to worship and support a ministry of your choice is taxed to the church as a privilege, unless the church gets an exemption from the government. And that exemption can be denied if your church engages in any number of prohibited transactions.

Now I ask you, if the government can tax the ministry of your choice, for the donations you made to that ministry, does that congregation have freedom of religion, without first getting permission to be exempt from taxation, subject to numerous conditions? Since the income tax is an excise tax on a privilege, what is the privilege that the church is exercising?

FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Do we still have this freedom? Does the government censor the news that we are allowed to hear? Are their government conspiracies and coverups? If you exposed these secret operations, would you still have freedom of speech?

RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Can you go out and buy a gun without getting permission from the government? Without getting the required background check? Without getting a license for it in many states? Can you carry it under your coat without a special license from the government? Can you keep one in your car without getting it confiscated by the police during a traffic stop if it is actually loaded, so you can protect yourself? Do you have the right, or the privilege?

RIGHT TO TRAVEL FREELY. Can you drive down to the grocery store, or to your parents home, without permission from the government, in the form of a driver's license? Can you be stopped for all kinds of inane traffic laws and be fined, like for not stopping at a dead stop at a stop sign when there are no other cars present? Or going 5 miles over the speed limit on a deserted highway? Or not getting the permission to drive in the first place? Do you have the inalienable right of liberty, or is it just a privilege from the government? The TRUTH is that driver's licenses only apply to commercial vehicles that are using the roads and highways for profit. Using the highways to make a profit in your business is a privilege and requires a driver's license, registration and insurance. If you are only driving your private property for the pursuit of happiness, then can this right be taxed and licensed? NO!

RIGHT TO BE SECURE IN OUR PERSON, HOMES, PAPERS AND EFFECTS AGAINST UNREASONABLE SEARCHES AND SEIZURES. The last time you went to the airport to meet some friends, or to travel yourself, did you consider it reasonable to have to go through a body search to see if you were a criminal? Are you guilty until proven innocent? Have you ever heard of the IRS raiding a business or home without a search warrant? And did they seize anything while they were there? Did the victims consider this reasonable? Where you ever stopped by the police at a traffic checkpoint, just to make sure you were licensed and registered? Did you consider this reasonable? Do you have this right?

RIGHT TO A TRAIL BY JURY AND TO NOT BE A WITNESS AGAINST YOURSELF. Are you required to sign a tax return and be a witness against yourself? YES! If you didn't file a tax return, can the IRS force you to reveal how much income you had, against your will? YES! If the IRS didn't like your income figures and gave you a notice of deficiency, and you appealed it to tax court, do you have the right to a trial by jury? NO! If the civil trial brought out some serious tax avoidance issues that the court considered evasion, can the government use that information against you in a criminal investigation and/or conviction? YES! Do you have these rights?

RIGHT TO MARRY. If you find the person of your dreams, can you marry them without a license from the state? Can the minister, rabbi, etc., just perform the ceremony, without a license, and you will be legally married? NO! The government will not consider you married without a license. In fact, the original purpose of the marriage license was to allow people of different races to get married, because it was against the law to marry someone from another race. This is legally called miscegenation. Today people of different races CAN get married, but they need a license from the state. Did you marry someone of another race? If not, then why did you get permission from the state first, in the form of a license? Don't you have this right?

RIGHT TO OWN PROPERTY. Do you own any property? A home or a car? If you do, can you do what you want with that property? Can you build an addition on to your house without permission from the county? Do you have building permits or zoning in your county? Can you only do what the government allows you to do with that property? Could you get a pet pig and let it run around your yard? Or chickens? If you own an inoperable car, or a motor home, can you store it in your yard? Why not? Don't you have the right of property? If you don't pay your property tax or your vehicle license tax, will the government confiscate your property and sell it to someone else? If you own a $200,000 home, free and clear, and you lost your job, and you didn't pay the $2,000 property tax, can the government take it and sell it to someone for the amount of the tax, and kick you out without a dime? Do you have the right of property?

RIGHT TO ENGAGE IN A BUSINESS OR LIVELIHOOD. If you wanted to open a store and sell anything, can you do it without a business license? If you wanted to offer carpentry services to the community can you do it without a business license? If you wanted to offer nursing services to sick people, can you do it without a license? If you gave your neighbor some legal advice, are you practicing law without a license? If you did some herbal healing on your friend, did you practice medicine without a license? If you ant to engage in practically any business or profession, can you do so without a license? Didn't the Supreme Court say that our labor was our most basic property right and that all other rights were based on this right? Do you have this right?

To put all these rights into perspective, we know to know the definition of a license.

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Edition says:

License. The permission by competent authority to do an act which, without such permission, would be illegal, a trespass, a tort, or otherwise not allowable.

A license is permission from the government to do something, that, without the license, would be illegal. Therefore it is illegal to get married. It is illegal to drive a car. It is illegal to open a business. It is illegal to build a house. It is illegal to give good advice to someone concerning a legal problem they have. It is illegal for a person to tell another about some health remedy that they should try. In fact, just about everything you do, is illegal! IF YOU DON'T GET A LICENSE FIRST! It is illegal for a store to sell you anything without a sales tax license.

All your inalienable rights are now regulated by statutes, and are now called civil rights. Civil rights can be granted and denied at will by the government.

Now I ask you, do you have inalienable rights? What are they? Which one did you use lately?


Almost ALL of our inalienable rights have been converted to privileges, WITH our consent. How, you ask? We have contracted them away in exchange for benefits from the government. Most people, when given the choice between freedom and sandwiches (government handouts), will choose sandwiches. And will sign a contract, giving up their rights, to get those sandwiches. People just do not want to be responsible for themselves and their own actions, and have contracted with the government to have them take that responsibility for you, with chains and restrictions of course.


Use this information ONLY AFTER you have reclaimed your inalienable rights. At present you do not have any! If you attempt to use any of the information in this chapter BEFORE you do that,, the IRS and the courts will call it a frivolous argument and without merit. They WILL rule against you! Use this information at your own risk! More information on this in later chapters on Citizenship.

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