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Brother Nathanial Curch Affirmation


Without warning, Brother Nathanael's website, that he created to display his "Videos," has been taken down from the Internet. 

There is a "Rumor" that he passed away during the "Yom Kippor Holidays" (Sunday-Monday, Sept. 24-25, 2023) and as this is only a "Rumor," there are no details.

If there is any truth about the "Rumor," I hope the death of Brother Nathanael be of "Natural Causes," not by the hand of violance,

Below are a few of the "Videos" that Brother Nathanael created.  These are a few which I was able to preserve.

Gordon Warren Epperly


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Dec. 04 2018
Trump's Plan To Crush CNN

Trump's Plan To Crush CNN

  Dec. 13 2018

Murder Of A Holocaust Survior

Murder Of A Holocaust Survior

This is not a Brother Nathanael Video.

This Video is submitted as a matter of interest.

Change is on the Horizon - Dawn of the Golden Age

Change is on the Horizon

  Nov. 29 2018

Trump Leaks 'Israel Needs Saudi Arabia'

Trump Leaks 'Israel Needs Saudi Arabia'

Nov. 15 2018

Hillary's Revenge, Running Again!

Hillary's Revenge, Running Again!

  Nov. 20 2018

Tribulation Trump Vs Anarchy Acosta

Tribulation Trump Vs Anarchy Acosta

Oct. 29 2018

How To Buy An Election

How To Buy An Election

  Nov. 09 2018

The Hate Police Are Coming!

The Hate Police Are Coming!

Oct. 18 2018

The Dark Side Of Warren's DNA

The Dark Side Of Warren's DNA

  Oct. 23 2018

Attack Of The Algorithm

Attack Of The Algorithm

Oct. 03 2018

Dr. Ford'd Fatal Fixation

Dr. Ford's Fatal Fixation

  Oct. 11 2018

Did Soros Hijack The ACLU?

Sept. 21 2018

Kavanaugh Sex Scandal Exposed!

Kavanaugh Sex Scandal Exposed!

  Sept. 25 2018

Does The Press Own America

Does The Press Run America?

Sept. 07 2018

Messianic Jew Or Orthodox Christian?

  Sept. 11 2018

Trump’s Row With Google

Trump’s Row With Google

August 23 2018

Chinese Face Readig In The Newa

Chinese Face Reading In The News

  August 28 2018

The Missing Link In Cohen's Plea

The Missing Link In Cohen's Plea

August 09 2018

Alex Jones Makes NYT Headlines!

Alex Jones Makes NYT Headlines!

  August 14 2018

The Grand Upheavel Begins

The Grand Upheaval Begins

July 25 2018

Will Mueller/Putin Investigate Browder?

Will Mueller/Putin Investigate Browder?

  August 01 2018

Controversy Of The Russian Czar Today

Controversey Of The Russian Czar Today

July 12 2018

The Three Temptations Of Christ

The Three Temptations Of Christ

  July 19 2018

Shakedown At The Summit

Shakedown At The Summit

June 27 2018

Syria - It's A Jungle Out There

Syria - It's A Jungle Out There

  July 04 2018

Israel Official Talks Master Race

Israel Official Talks Master Race

June 14 2018

How To Bake A Cake

How To Bake A Wedding Cake

  June 21 2018

A Future Surveillance World

A Future Surveillance World

May 24 2018

Moscow Nights

Moscow Nights

  June 06 2018

Gaza Nurse Murdered By Israel

Gaza Nurse Murdered By Israel

May 09 2018

Trump's Little French Poodle

Trump's Little French Poodle

  May 17 2018

Gerany Is Occupied Territory

Germany Is Occupied Territory

April 26 2018

Brother Nathanael On Streets Of Floida

Brother Nathanael On Streets Of Florida

  May 01 2018

Trump, The Media, & Your Guns

Trump, The Media, & Your Guns

April 11 2018

Bolton Whispers War In Trump's Ears

Bolton Whispers War In Trumps Ears

  April 20 2018

Trump's Complaint!

Tump's Complaint!

March 28 2018

How To Preach Jesus To Jews

How To Preach Jesus To Jews

  April 03 2018

Jews Are Very Smart!

Jews Are Very Smart!

March 13 2018

Putin Confronts Megyn Kelly

Putin Confronts Megin Kelly

  March 21 2018

Tillerson Out, Neocons In!

Tillerson Out, Neocons In!

March 02 2018

Dress Rehearsal For The Antichrist

Dress Rehearsal For The Antichrist

  March 07 2018

Notes From A Gas Chamber

Notes From A Gas Chamber

Feb 16 2018

Israel's Desperate Hour

Israel's Desperate Hour

  Feb 21 2018

The Killing Of Martin Luther King

The Killing Of Martin Luther King

Jan 30 2018

Mad Dogss Of War

Mad Dogs Of War

  Feb 08 2018

Hitler's Consultation Of The Doomed

Htler's Consultation Of The Doomed

Jan 15 2018

Trump: The Art Of Breaking A Deal

Trump: The Art Of Breaking A Deal

  Jan 23 2018

Growing Up With The New York Times

Growing Up With The New York Times

Jan 05 2018


A Jew Transcends Self Examination

  Jan 13 2018


Bannon Not Banished Yet

Bannon Not Banished Yet

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