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- Absolute Proof -

Election Fraud Documentary

Posted "YouTube" on February 6, 2021

Aired "One America News" (OAN)
on February 6th & 7th, 2021
"Susan Diane Wojcicki" is the "CEO" of "YouTube."  She has been in the "Tech Industry" for over twenty (20) years. 

It appears that "Mrs. Wojcicki" looks upon herself as being the only one who is qualified to deturmine as to what you and I may "view," "read," or "promote" over the "Internet."  We are not qualified to think for ourselves.

This is a "YouTube" video.

The staff of "YouTube" have removed this video from the "Internet" as fast as it is posted while allowing the "postings" of those who criticize the video to remain on "YouTube" without question.  You will not locate any "supporting videos" for the "Abosolute Proof" video, they are not allowed.

If this video is blocked, it says a lot about the staff of "Google" whom claims that they have the rights to "quash" the "political views" of "Americans" from its "websites" that are not in agreement with them.

So much about the "equality clause" of the "14th Amendment" to the "U.S. Constitution" which also applies to government licensed "Corporations," such as "YouTube."

- Absolute Proof

If the "Absolute Proof" video is no longer available on the "YouTube" website, here is an alternative website that is presently carrying the "Absolute Proof" documentary video.